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Introduction- A Brief Biography of Evangelist Darrell Dunn-Written by his son, Evangelist David Dunn
His Life began in Kokomo Indiana on January 31, 1941. He was born in a small, two room, upstairs apartment in a house on Washington Street. His parents named him Darrell Lawrence Dunn. He was their third child and second son.

He and his family lived in Kokomo just over two years after his birth. His father, Lawrence Woodson Dunn, and his mother, Helen Bishop Dunn, found it necessary to leave Indiana due to Mr. Dunn being diagnosed with health problems from working on steel mills. They had heard that jobs were plentiful in Oklahoma, which was also the home state of Darrell's mother. So. the decision to leave Kokomo was made.

The Dunn family moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and lived in small apartments at first. Eventually, they were able to purchase a tiny four-room house in one of the "poorest" sections of the city known as "Packing Town." This was where the stockyards and the Armour Star slaughterhouse and meat processing plant were located. Much of the time, the "aroma" of the stockyards would take your breath away!

His father found third-shift work with the Santa Fe Railroad and the Dunn family settled-in to what would be "Home" for several years. Two more additions to the family came during this time in the form of a younger sister and youngest brother. Anita was the oldest child, followed by his older brother Bruce. Darrell was now the "middle child." Then came Mary and Russell. They were a typical "poor" family of that day and time.

The first (and most important) "Milestone" in the life of Darrell Dunn took place on May 4, 1954. On that Tuesday night. Darrell and his family attended a prophecy conference at the First Baptist Church of Moore, Oklahoma, some fifteen miles south of Midwest City (Just east of Oklahoma City) where they had moved tow years before this time. Dr. J. Harold Smith was the guest speaker and was preaching each night on the subject of the Second Coming of Christ. When the invitation was given at the close of the sermon, a thirteen year old boy ran down the aisle in tears, knelt at the alter and asked Jesus Christ to forgive him of his sins, come into his heart and save him! That young boy was, Darrell Dunn.

God began to work in his life immediately. One year later, in 1955 at the age of fourteen, Darrell Dunn answered the "Call of God" to preach. With the help of his Pastor, Claude McDonald, he began to preach right away. By the time he was fifteen, he had preached to youth groups, missions, and small churches, as well as to crowds over "one thousand" people. After being convinced at seventeen that God wanted him to be an Evangelist, he held his first "Revival Meeting" in a tent, which lasted for two weeks, at the age of eighteen.

It was during this Revival meeting that God impressed upon his heart the need to go to Bible School for training and instruction. So, after graduating from Midwest City High School, he applied and was accepted for the second semester of summer school at Tennessee Temple Bible School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Dr Lee Roberson was the president of the school, as well as Pastor of the great Highland Park Baptist Church.

While in Bible School, during his second year, he met Miss Betty Lenice Anderson. He played on the College basketball team, of which Miss Anderson was one of the regular cheerleaders.

For Over a year, this extremely "shy" man watched her from a distance. Their first meeting was quite by accident which was a pleasant surprise for this tall, slender, young man.

The College basketball team was playing an "away game" in a town fifty miles east of Chattanooga. The team cheerleaders had also gotten permission to attend so they could "cheer" their team to victory. During the game and afterwards, several boys from this other school tried to secure "dates" with each of the four cheerleaders, including Miss Betty Anderson. Three of the cheerleaders were actually dating players on Temple's basketball team, But, Miss Anderson wasn't dating anyone in particular on a regular basis at the time.

At the close of the game, the host college provided a special "late dinner" for both teams, their coaches and players. The cheerleaders were invited as well. Though having told their persistent "courters" that they were all dating ball-players, these young men refused to be discouraged. So they all remained in the gym following the game, whistling and shouting their requests for dates to our cheerleaders, refusing to believe what they were told, and waiting to see if what they had been told was true.

Sure enough, one by one, a boyfriend of one of the cheerleaders would come out of the locker room, join their girlfriend and walk out of the gym to the school-dining hall. Finally, one Miss Betty Anderson was left waiting, without a date! So she said to herself. "The next guy that walks out of that locker room door is going to be my date. I'll take his arm and walk out with matter who it is, as though he was my boyfriend!"

Guess who walked through that door, .totally ignorant of her plan or need of help? You guessed it! The tallest (6'5) and the skinniest (128 lbs!) guy on the team, Darrell Dunn! She walked up to him, took his arm and whispered. "Hi, I'm Betty! I'm with you tonight! "They walked out of the gym together as she quietly explained her predicament, asking if he would be her date and have dinner together, .to which he gladly agreed!

This is how they met, began dating, fell in love, became engaged, and eight months later on June 3, 1961 they were married. (To this day my father tells everyone that my mother "picked-him-up" for their first date! He does however admit to asking her to marry him!)

In May of 1963, Darrell Dunn graduated from Tennessee Temple Bible School with a Graduate of Theology Diploma. (Th.G.) His wife, Betty, received her PH.T. Degree from Tennessee Temple at the same time. (Pushing Hubby Through) Upon graduating in 1963, Brother Dunn entered the field of full-time Evangelism. (In 1993, He received his Doctor of Theology Degree, a TH.D. Dr Tim Anderson and Landmark Baptist College in Greensboro, North Carolina, gave it to him. It is an "Honorary" Degree, which is usually considered a "Battlefield Promotion.")

Just over a year and a half after becoming an Evangelist (a title my father dearly loves.) his wife, Betty, gave birth to their first child. On December 12, 1964, they had a little girl and named her Debra Lenice Dunn. A few months later in the spring of 1965, Darrell Dunn was to meet the man that would take him "under-his-wing" and teach him how to be a "God-blessed" Evangelist. The man's name was Dr. Bill Rice! (He has been in Heaven with the Lord since May of 1978.) My Dad would love this godly man like a "second" father for the rest of his life. Dr. Rice was affectionately known as, "Dr. Bill."

In August of 1966, Dr Bill Rice invited Evangelist and Mrs. Darrell Dunn (and their twenty-one month old daughter, Debra) to come live on the 1600+ acre Bill Rice Ranch, ten miles west of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He provided a house for them to live in free, plus a ranch-hand job, which included breaking horses, tending cattle, (the ranch had over one hundred horses and at least seventy-five head of cattle) and doing general ranch work was as a "cowboy" for my Dad. This also provided a small income for the Dunn's between the few Revival meetings he would have getting started as a full time evangelist.

Dr. Bill also promised to teach and train my Dad about "how" to be an Evangelist, as well as, to get Revival meetings for him. They spent "hours" daily breaking horses, riding and talking together several months a year. This was one of the most valuable and intense times of instruction on being an Evangelist anyone could ever have. Dad always called it, "A God blessed privilege!" It was also a time of "knitting" of their hearts together, resulting in a love like that of a father and son" For countless numbers of times and years, my Dad has often stated, "Dr. Bill Rice taught me everything I know about being a Evangelist." Our entire family is glad he did!

By January of 1968 Brother Dunn would have enough meetings so that he could no longer be of any help concerning ranch work. So, they moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where the Dunn family would increase in number with two new sons. The oldest, David James Dunn, (now also a Evangelist!) was born August 19, 1968 Their youngest child and second son, Michael Lee Dunn, was born on January 29, 1970. The family was now complete.

Evangelist Darrell Dunn has now been in full-time Evangelism for over forty-two years. He has never pastored a church, but has been a God-sent blessing and help to Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, churches and Christians throughout America and the world, in person and on cassette tape. His cassette tape ministry has literally circled the globe, with hundreds of thousands having been saved! Concerning his revival meetings, Pastors everywhere testify, "The decisions made in his meetings and through his tapes...STICK! They are genuine conversions resulting in transformed lives, homes and marriages."

My parents have celebrated 44 years together on June 3, 2005. They have never changed what they have believed or practiced in all these years. My dad still preaches the same. He still draws lines, and calls sin by name. My mother is in greater demand as a speaker to ladies more then ever. She is one of the most unusual, down-to-earth and humorous speakers you will ever hear. They both have messages on cassette tapes available to all that are interested. I also have a few messages on cassette tape.

When I asked my Dad, Evangelist Darrell Dunn, what the most important things were in his life and forty-two plus years of ministry, this is what he sad: "The most important day of my life was when I got saved and the night of May 4, 1954. Since that life-changing night, I have never doubted my salvation, not even once! I know for sure that I have eternal life through Jesus Christ and that Heaven will be my Home Forever!"

"The happiest day of my life, after being saved, was when I asked Betty Anderson to marry me, and she agreed. It was on the night of April 14, 1961. I have remembered that special night, and have treated it like an anniversary ever since. She has been my best friend and the most enjoyable companion a man could ever have. She has truly been God-sent."

"The most important event in my many years of ministry took place on August 27, 1969. I was preaching to an area-wide tent revival sponsored by several churches in Erie, New York. The place where I was staying was an old-fashioned, two story house belonging to Jerry Detaunte. I was given the use of a small, upstairs bedroom with an old painted-over brass bed, covered with A chenille spread, in which to sleep. There was an oval throw rug beside the bed on which I would kneel to pray, and a small table where I would lay my Bible at night. This bed (and others like it throughout America and the world) became my alter and study desk, on my knees, day by day. The only light for the room was a "naked" light bulb hanging from the ceiling. But, the "Light" of God was about to dawn on my heart and life! And that is all that really mattered.

"It was on this night, august 27,1969, following another "cold and fruitless" service after kneeling and praying beside that bed for over three hours with great crying and tears, at two minutes past twelve midnight, (12:02AM) that I was "Filled" with the Holy Spirit for the very first time! (There have been hundreds of "re-fillings" since that night.) Plus, I am just as sure of the "Fullness" of the Holy Spirit and the power of God "Upon" me, as I am of my own salvation!"

As a result of the obvious power of God "Upon" his life and ministry, many of his Church Revivals have had to be moved into High School, Universities, and Civic Auditoriums. People would often drive fifty to one hundred miles to be in a service and hear the "Power-filled" word of God preached. Multiplied "thousands" were saved in these meetings over the years! Jesus Christ was glorified!

In those forty-two plus years of ministry, Evangelist Darrell Dunn has preached in almost every state in America, on foreign mission fields, and for missionaries in over "Ninety" countries around the world. Real Revival has broken-out in churches again and again. God definitely has His "Hand" of power "Upon" Evangelist Darrell Dunn. I have been witness to this most of my life.

Here is his advice to preachers and Christians everywhere, young and old.
1. Be a man (or woman) of the Bible. Fill your heart and soul with it. Read and pray your way through it several times each year. Ask the Father to give you the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and guide you into all truth, before you begin to read each time you pick it up.
2. Have a life given to much "prayer" Even great praying. Spend much much time cultivating this method of fellowshipping with your Heavenly Father. Be known as a man (or woman) of prayer in Heaven first, and secondly, here on earth.
3. Make sure you are a person definitely and obviously "Filled with the Spirit. Know for a "fact" that the power of God is "Upon" you! Don't settle for anything less! Believe this, you "will know" when God "Fills" you with his Holy Spirit! Keep asking! He will do it for you! He can't deny Himself, or his word!"

For those of us who have taken and named the "Name" of Jesus Christ, we say, "Amen!" May God make these three things the major priorities and practices of all our lives.

Evangelist David Dunn

(Speaking for myself as a Christian and Evangelist, I was "filled with the Spirit on November 22, 1992, during a "Week of prayer" directed by my Dad at the Landmark Baptist Temple in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was a life and ministry transforming experience for me. God does "Hear and Answer" prayer. He will do the same for you, if you will desire it with all your heart, and if you will pray daily for the "Fullness of the Spirit." Refuse to settle for anything less then the power of God "Upon" you.

Now Enjoy reading the personal Testimony of Evangelist Darrell Dunn.

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